How to Start Your Own Pressure Washing Business

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A pressure washing business can be a lucrative venture as a main source of income or even for extra money on the side. However, it can also be very challenging to get started.

The three main things you want to consider when getting started are what kind of business you want, the type of equipment you will need, and how to market yourself to get customers.

This blog will explore these points in greater detail and give you a good starting point to get yourself going and apply that right amount of pressure that it takes to make your business a success!

Residential or Commercial Power Washing 

When we say “what kind of business you want,” we mean who do you want to service? Residential homeowners or commercial businesses?

Each has its own unique set of pros and cons worth considering when deciding what direction to take your business. If you do well enough, you can always expand your business to allow you to service both!

Residential Home Pressure Washing Business


●       Market is much larger to maximize potential customer base (there are far more residences in the U.S. than there are businesses)

●       Many homeowners are willing to pay good money for quality work, especially when selling a home or wanting to give it a fresh look


●       Typically more challenging and time-consuming to do

●       The larger the surface area, longer it takes to clean; for a business that charges by the hour or fixed rate, this means lower profits per job

●       Many homeowners are particular about how their house looks and may be difficult to work with

Commercial Buildings Pressure Washing Business


●       Typically, more lucrative; businesses often willing to pay more for a good job as they understand the importance of keeping their property looking clean and presentable

●       Much more likely to have regular cleaning needs than residences, allowing more repeat work for your business

●       Many businesses are willing to pay premium prices for quick turnaround, so you can complete more jobs in a day if necessary


●       Market is smaller – not the way to go if you’re looking to maximize your potential customer base

The Price is Right

Once you’ve decided who you are servicing, get your pricing in order. There are several different ways you can charge for your services:

●       Price per square foot of cleaning area

●       Hourly rate for pressure washing services you provide

●       Flat fee for a set amount of work to be done (Example: $300 flat fee for residential pressure washing service)

Starting Your Own Pressure Washing Business: Buying the Equipment

You’ll need at least one reliable pressure washer, detergent, a ladder(s) and some good cleaning supplies. When you’re picking out your pressure washer(s), there are three main types: cold water, hot water, and steam. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Cold water machines are less expensive but can only be used for light-duty cleaning. They’re also less powerful than the other types.

Hot water machines are more expensive, but they can be used for tougher jobs and have a longer lifespan.

Steam cleaners are the most expensive, but they’re also the most versatile. They can be used for both hot and cold-water applications, and they’re great for removing grease and grime.

In making your decision, think about the types of jobs you’ll be doing and how much money you want to spend on your equipment.

Market Your Pressure Washing Business

So, you’ve picked your type of pressure washing business, you’ve bought the best equipment to really wow your customers – what’s next?

You’ve got to put in the work to bring in those customers! Once you’ve got those customers, you then have to work to keep those customers while continuing to grow your customer base.


●       Start building relationships with local businesses who may be interested in using your services

●       Put up flyers in local businesses

●       Place ads in the local paper or online

●       Start a website and have it optimized for your area so that people looking for “pressure washing services near me” will find your site first on Google

●       Hang door hangers on people’s doors that need pressure washing services

●       Word of mouth marketing

●       Referral program with local businesses in your area – for every customer they send your way, you give them a percentage off of their next service with you

●       Network with other business owners in your area and refer clients to each other


Getting referrals from happy customers is one of the best ways to find new business, so make sure you are doing everything possible to provide high quality service!

●       If using word-of-mouth advertising, make sure that people know about your new business, so they refer friends/family members who may need pressure washing services in their area.

●       Once someone has referred another customer, don’t hesitate to contact that lead since these are typically good leads because both parties will likely be satisfied with what you offer. This means increased chances for repeat work later on down the road if done right from day one.

Customer Service

You always want to make sure everything goes smoothly, so check back with your clients after each job to make sure they were satisfied with what was done at their home or office space.

If not, then you may want to offer to try again on a different day so you can make that customer happy. Customer service should always take precedence over profit because word-of-mouth can go a long way towards increasing profits over time (or decreasing profits, if your customer service is lacking!).

The most important thing is that your customers will now be happy with their experience and come back again in the future. If they feel like they have been taken advantage of or treated unfairly then chances are good they won’t return no matter how great your work is.

If you are ready to take that step to start your business and would like more information on making your pressure washing business a success, follow us on our site for more information!

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