How to Start a Business in Washington State

The Evergreen State offers a multitude of reasons why you should start business there. One standout reason is that, according to the Commerce Department, Washington State’s economy was the fastest growing in the nation last year (4.4 percent). Make your business idea a reality! Washington state is a pro-business climate with no actual income tax. … Read more

How to Start an eCommerce Business: Step-by-Step Guide

E-commerce is an efficient way to establish a business with lower overhead or running costs, as a physical store is not required. Several companies have started their businesses with this strategy and then gradually transitioned to having physical stores as the businesses mature. If you are a budding entrepreneur and want to sell a product … Read more

How to Start a Business in Utah

There’s more to Utah than ski resorts! People flock to Utah for exhilarating vacations.  But today, entrepreneurs with ambition, fresh ideas and energy are migrating there, too.  Put it on your radar as your business destination. Here are hints on starting your dream business in Utah: Come Up With a Unique Business Concept What are … Read more

How to Start a Business in North Carolina

According to the Secretary of State, 2020 was a banner year for new businesses starting in North Carolina. 2021 is poised to shatter last year’s record. North Carolina is obviously surging in new businesses. This post will show you the complete breakdown of how to launch your business in the state with step-by-step clarity. There … Read more

How to Start a Business in Texas

The Lone Star state is hot right now for business. Texas leads the country in small business growth, according to the recent Paychex / IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch. There are 2.8 million small businesses in the state employing 4.8 million people and accounting for 99.8% of all businesses. If you are a Texas … Read more

How to Start a Business in California

No other state competes with California when it comes to where to start a business. With both the best economic climate and the most access to venture capital in the nation, the Golden State boasts sacred soil for entrepreneurs. Not to mention, California is the fifth largest economy in the entire world. California has the … Read more

How to Start a Business in Florida

High temperatures and low taxes. That could pretty much sum Florida up from a business perspective. One of only nine states without income tax, Florida also boasts a rather pro-business climate – pun intended. There is a huge in-state consumer market, and Florida offers more affordable real estate and labor than most other states. On … Read more

How to Use an EIN to Apply for a Small Business Loan

When a lender decides to approve or disprove your business loan application, your personal credit score is almost always the determining factor. This becomes especially true if your business is new. If your personal credit score isn’t quite up to par, (think less than 700), you’re likely to encounter some issues when applying for a … Read more

How to Get Startup Business Loan

Starting a business takes money. This isn’t an insider secret or advice. This is a cold hard fact. However, what you do with that startup money could be the single most important decision you ever make as a business owner. You probably caught that word “startup” – and it’s important to know that a startup … Read more

PPP Loans for Self Employed

If you’re self-employed in any fashion and you want more information on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), you’ve come to the right place. We have created a guide to PPP loans for those who are self-employed. We’ll cover every step, from qualification to application, then follow with a Q&A of commonly asked questions. Please note … Read more